How to get pre authorizations approved

August 23, 2022
60 Mins
Stephanie Thomas
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Pre-Authorizations in 2022 are by far the most time consuming administrative task in any medical office. The insurance payers have up’ d the requirements, changed the policies and complicated an already complicated process.
Healthcare is changing and we all must adjust and understand payer everchanging guidelines. Insurance companies have the advantage to see how patients are utilizing their coverage and what treatments they have already received. While the preauthorization process is in place to prevent duplicate/unnecessary treatments, it can also delay necessary healthcare needs.
This webinar will go over the steps of the process in detail of how to get to the finish line successfully, with the least amount of frustration and administrative cost and burden as possible.
Medicare LCD’s will also be covered in this session. It is important to understand these policies for Medicare aged patients with HMO replacement plans that may follow these coverage guidelines. Protect your clinic from costly audits and denials!

Join us for this in-depth webinar to assist you and your practice to learn tips, speed up the process and successfully obtain prior authorization. Real world examples will be discussed as well and a Q&A session for attendees to bring their tough questions to our speaker.

Webinar Objectives
  • Payer requirements/guidelines-How to locate and understand 
  • How to submit for preauthorization effectively and follow up processes
  • Third party companies (i.e.. Aim, Evicore, Medsolutions, RadMD, Magellan etc)
  • Clinical documentation-what to include with your request
  • Preauthorization denials-resubmission, peer to peer and appeal process
  • Streamlining internal processes
  • Patient involvement and communication
Webinar Highlights
  • How to stay informed of payer changes/updates
  • 10 tips on how to build a solid preauthorization team
  • Documentation tips and clinical information importance
  • Communication techniques for patients and providers
  • Preauthorization denial reasons and how to proceed
  • Medicare LCD’s, trickle down to HMO/PPO replacement policies
Who Should Attend
  • Medical office staff
  • Administrators
  • Office managers
  • Pre-authorization staff
  • Billing staff
  • Billing managers
  • Front desk staff
  • Medical assistants
  • CNA’s
Stephanie Thomas

Stephanie Thomas

Stephanie has worked in the medical, billing and coding industry for nearly 20 years. It is truly her passion. Stephanie works closely with small and large private practices to audit and collaboratively improve their revenue stream. She prides herself in her dedication to her clients and has built a team of incredible billers and coders to support her mission of assisting practices and Physicians across the country with proper coding and aggressive billing practices while being compliant. Stephanie also has extensive knowledge in physician practice processes, front desk, back office, and clinical. This knowledge allows her to be an invaluable asset for all things clinical operations,...
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